Long time no news after submitting Canadian immigration application? Check the website to solve your worries!

The immigration application has been submitted for several months but has not received any news from the Immigration Bureau? Was my application eaten by the visa officer, or was it unfortunate that I became one of the 1.8 million backlog applications? There are really a lot of friends who have this kind of worry. Brothers and sisters from all over the world hugged together to keep warm and formed a visa/immigration timeline sharing and tracking website-myimmitracker.

First of all, please look for their homepage:

You can see a lot of application timelines and detailed information here to track the progress of your own application. Immigration/visa applications for Australia, Canada, the United States and New Zealand, the four major immigration countries, are all available.

Click “Visa timeline trackers” in the red box, then select Canada, and there is a progress tracking list of different Canadian visa applications in the drop-down menu. We use the example of Express Entry CEC immigration, where the current backlog is particularly severe.

CEC applicants should remember 3 key application information abbreviations – AOR: Acknowledgment of Reception, that is, the Immigration Bureau has received your application; PPR – Passport request, the application is close to being approved, and the passport is required to be sent; COPR – Confirmation of permanent residence: Receive a formal PR notification.

Click to enter the CEC e-APR Tracker (Express Entry Permanent Residency Application) page, and you can check the application progress of each small partner in the community. You can see the applicant’s nationality, country of residence, submission time, and the time when the application has reached a certain stage.

For example, among the CEC applications submitted from September 9th to 17th, only two people have received green card notifications (green). And most people are in the stage of medicals passed, that is, the medical examination results pass (blue); and the slower case has not received any update (yellow).

We scrolled down and found that most of the applications submitted in mid-July were green, that is, they generally received green card notifications. It can be roughly inferred that the current progress of the Immigration Bureau is mainly processing the CEC applications submitted from mid-July to the end of August.

You can even see the applicant’s NOC type, the acceptance office of the application, the number of main applicants + dependents of the application, and the applicant’s CRS score.

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