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NOCOccupation Titl职业名称
0012Senior government managers and officials高级政府管理人员和官员
0015Senior managers – trade, broadcasting and other services, n.e.c.高级经理 – 贸易、广播及其他服务nec
0311Managers in health care医疗保健经理
0411Government managers – health and social policy development and program administration政府管理人员 – 卫生和社会政策制定和计划管理
0412Government managers – economic analysis, policy development and program administration政府管理人员 – 经济分析,政策制定和计划管理
0413Government managers – education policy development and program administration政府管理人员 – 教育政策制定和计划管理
0414Other managers in public administration其他公共行政管理人员
0431Commissioned police officers委任警官
0432Fire chiefs and senior firefighting officers消防队长和高级消防官员
0433Commissioned officers of the Canadian Forces加拿大军队的委任军官
0511Library, archive, museum and art gallery managers图书馆,档案馆,博物馆和美术馆经理
0512Managers – publishing, motion pictures, broadcasting and performing arts经理 – 出版,电影,广播和表演艺术
0513Recreation, sports and fitness program and service directors娱乐,体育和健身计划和服务总监
0823Managers in aquaculture水产养殖经理
1111Financial auditors and accountants财务审计师和会计师
1113Securities agents, investment dealers and brokers证券代理,投资交易商和经纪人
1227Court officers and justices of the peace法庭官员和太平绅士
1228Employment insurance, immigration, border services and revenue officers就业保险,移民,边境服务和税务官员
1312Insurance adjusters and claims examiners保险理算员和理赔审查员
1314Assessors, valuators and appraisers评核员、估价师和鉴定人
1315Customs, ship and other brokers海关,船舶和其他经纪人
2111Physicists and astronomers物理学家和天文学家
2113Geoscientists and oceanographers地球科学家和海洋学家
2114Meteorologists and climatologists气象学家和气候学家
2115Other professional occupations in physical sciences物理科学的其他专业职业
2122Forestry professionals林业专业人士
2145Petroleum engineers石油工程师
2146Aerospace engineers航空航天工程师
2152Landscape architects景观设计师
2153Urban and land use planners城市和土地使用规划者
2271Air pilots, flight engineers and flying instructors空中飞行员,飞行工程师和飞行教官
2273Deck officers, water transport甲板人员,水运
2274Engineer officers, water transport工程师,水运
2275Railway traffic controllers and marine traffic regulators铁路交通管制员和海上交通管制员
3011Nursing co-ordinators and supervisors护理协调员和监督员
3012Registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses注册护士和注册精神科护士
3111Specialist physicians专科医师
3112General practitioners and family physicians全科医生和家庭医生
3124Allied primary health practitioners联合初级保健从业人员
3125Other professional occupations in health diagnosing and treating其他从事健康诊断和治疗的专业职业
3132Dietitians and nutritionists营养师
3141Audiologists and speech-language pathologists听力学家和语言病理学家
3144Other professional occupations in therapy and assessment治疗及评估其他专业职业
3213Animal health technologists and veterinary technicians动物卫生技术人员和兽医技师
3222Dental hygienists and dental therapists牙科保健师和牙科治疗师
3232Practitioners of natural healing自然疗法从业人员
3233Licensed practical nurses执业护士
3236Massage therapists按摩治疗师
4012Post-secondary teaching and research assistants高等教育教学及研究助理
4031Secondary school teachers中学教师
4032Elementary school and kindergarten teachers小学和幼儿园教师
4112Lawyers and Quebec notaries律师和魁北克公证人
4154Professional occupations in religion宗教专业人员
4155Probation and parole officers and related occupations缓刑和假释官员及相关职业
4168Program officers unique to government政府特有项目官员
4217Other religious occupations其他宗教职业
4311Police officers (except commissioned)警务人员(委任除外)
4313Non-commissioned ranks of the Canadian Forces加拿大军队的非委任级别
5112Conservators and curators保管员和馆长
5121Authors and writers作家和作者
5125Translators, terminologists and interpreters翻译、术语专家和口译员
5131Producers, directors, choreographers and related occupations制片人、导演、舞蹈指导和相关职业
5132Conductors, composers and arrangers指挥、作曲家和编曲
5133Musicians and singers音乐家和歌手
5135Actors and comedians演员和喜剧演员
5136Painters, sculptors and other visual artists画家、雕塑家和其他视觉艺术家
5211Library and public archive technicians图书馆和公共档案技术人员
5212Technical occupations related to museums and art galleries博物馆和美术馆相关技术职业
5222Film and video camera operators电影和摄影机操作员
5223Graphic arts technicians图形艺术技师
5224Broadcast technicians广播技术人员
5225Audio and video recording technicians音频和视频录制技术人员
5226Other technical and co-ordinating occupations in motion pictures, broadcasting and the performing arts其他在电影、广播和表演艺术方面的技术和协调职业
5227Support occupations in motion pictures, broadcasting, photography and the performing arts电影、广播、摄影和表演艺术领域的支持职业
5231Announcers and other broadcasters播音员和其他广播者
5232Other performers, n.e.c.其他未分类表演者
5241Graphic designers and illustrators平面设计师和插画家
5242Interior designers and interior decorators室内设计和室内装饰人员
5243Theatre, fashion, exhibit and other creative designers剧院、时装、展览和其他创意设计师
5244Artisans and craftspersons工匠
5245Patternmakers – textile, leather and fur products模型制造者 – 纺织品、皮革和毛皮制品
5253Sports officials and referees体育官员和裁判员
5254Program leaders and instructors in recreation, sport and fitness娱乐、体育和健身方面的项目负责人和讲师
6231Insurance agents and brokers保险代理人和经纪人
6232Real estate agents and salespersons房地产代理商和销售人员
6311Food service supervisors食品服务主管
6314Customer and information services supervisors客户和信息服务主管
6341Hairstylists and barbers发型师和理发师
6343Shoe repairers and shoemakers修鞋匠和制鞋匠
6346Funeral directors and embalmers殡仪馆主任及丧葬人员
7233Sheet metal workers钣金工人
7247Cable television service and maintenance technicians有线电视服务和维护技术人员
7253Gas fitters气焊工
7303Supervisors, printing and related occupations主管,印刷及相关行业
7316Machine fitters机械装配工
7318Elevator constructors and mechanics电梯制造商和修理工
7331Oil and solid fuel heating mechanics石油和固体燃料加热机械师
7361Railway and yard locomotive engineers铁路和庭院机车工程师
7372Drillers and blasters – surface mining, quarrying and construction钻井和爆破 – 露天采矿、采石和建筑
8232Oil and gas well drillers, servicers, testers and related workers石油和天然气钻井人员、服务人员、测试人员和相关工人
8261Fishing masters and officers渔船船长和高级船员
9214Supervisors, plastic and rubber products manufacturing主管,塑料和橡胶制品制造
9217Supervisors, textile, fabric, fur and leather products processing and manufacturing主管,纺织面料毛皮制品加工制造
9221Supervisors, motor vehicle assembling主管,汽车装配
9222Supervisors, electronics manufacturing主管,电子制造业
9223Supervisors, electrical products manufacturing主管,电气产品制造
9224Supervisors, furniture and fixtures manufacturing主管,家具和固定装置制造
9227Supervisors, other products manufacturing and assembly主管,其他产品制造和组装
9235Pulping, papermaking and coating control operators制浆,造纸和涂料控制操作员
9243Water and waste treatment plant operators水和废物处理厂操作员
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