3. Federal EE Immigration is difficult? See how Allen increased 80 points!

Canada’s immigration policy is like a roller coaster. Last year’s “Amnesty” score of 75 points is still vivid in my mind. This year, the Canada EE federal express entry has directly become the “extreme involution” mode, and even a “desperate” score of 557 points appeared. Scores are full of mourning from the media. EE Federal Express Entry has always been known as the fastest and most difficult immigration program. Let’s see how our client Allan is approved by EE with a high score of 511.
Allan is 27 years old and graduated from the University of Toronto with a bachelor’s degree in economics. After returning to China, he worked in a well-known factory for 2 years. The income was considerable and the work pressure was very high. Allan felt that he might be more suitable for the Canadian environment. He sent hundreds of resumes in half a year and only a dozen or so recruiting companies have invited Allan for an interview. Yurun immigration consultants have watched Allen’s interview video and agreed that Allan’s oral language, image and experience description were very good during the interview.
In May of this year, when Allan was disappointed, he found Yurun for consultation. After two exchanges, he decided to entrust Yurun with immigration services. Based on his situation, we finally formulated an immigration plan for him that made use of his strengths and circumvents his weaknesses: the “Extreme Score” plan, which allowed him to increase his EE score by 80 points in just two months.
First of all, we introduced Allan to a senior IELTS teacher in Canada. With his own efforts, after 3 weeks of preparation, he finally got his IELTS score to 8977, which increased his CRS score by nearly 30 points; more importantly, we The employer I introduced to Allan not only provided a job that Allen was very satisfied with, but we also quickly submitted an LMIA application for him. In just two weeks, we received an LMIA confirmation letter on June 17, which was significantly better than the 23 official announcement by the Ministry of Labor. The working day nearly doubled, which added a decisive 50 points, because Allen’s IELTS score was high, an extra 25 points were added, and Allan’s score also rose to 515 points!
Yurun Immigration’s LMIA application is a familiar experience. We not only pursue the success rate, but also provide customers with stable, accurate and fast immigration services. Whether it is application documents, recruitment advertisements or employer interview counseling, we have achieved impeccable results. As we wish, on September 14, 2022, EE’s 231st invitation, score line 511! Allan was invited with high marks.
Yurun Immigration has been established for 9 years and has been developing steadily. It always adheres to the priority of customer interests, escorts the immigration road of customers, serves one successful one, and does not smear the industry and company image. Because of our rigorous work and professional services, several well-known local companies have signed exclusive service agreements with us this year, providing better services for employers and customers and increasing the competitiveness of the industry. We believe that Canadian immigration is a process in which thousands of troops cross a single-plank bridge. Canadian immigration will only become more and more difficult. We do not follow the trend or blindly expand. We win with professional services and high-quality resources. As long as you have your trust, Yurun will definitely help you achieve your goals.

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