A New Channel for Canada Immigration- Provincial Nomination For Rare Occupations in Saskatchewan

In 2022, the province of Saskatoon will send a gift package to friends who plan to immigrate to Canada: the new “Saskatchewan Rare Occupation” provincial nomination program. This project is likely to be the easiest way to apply for immigration to Saskatchewan in the next 1-2 years.

The core purpose of the Saskatchewan Scarce Occupational Pathway is to help Saskatchewan employers recruit overseas skilled workers for specific positions, including entry-level jobs and some basic jobs that only require training. The channel will focus on healthcare, healthcare, manufacturing, agriculture, construction and retail services.

Applications for the Saskatchewan Scarce Career Pathway have the following three requirements:

1 Applicants must have a full-time permanent job, which must be in Saskatchewan and on the scarce occupation list.

2 Satisfy the basic English proficiency requirements. It’s about a CLB 4 or 5 level, depending on the job.

3 Have an educational certificate relevant to the job. At least one year of overseas work experience for the position and 6 months of work experience in Saskatchewan.

The Provincial Nominee Program for Rare Occupations in Saskatchewan will be officially implemented at the end of this month! Yurun Immigration has an approved immigration consultant license in Saskatchewan and a strong network of employer resources. We will continue to push the list of occupations that meet the requirements of the project and provide relevant job recommendations.

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