Alberta Skilled Immigration EE Category

The Alberta EE category allows the Government of Alberta to select a specified number of qualified candidates from the EE system. Applicants with strong ties to Alberta or who can contribute to the government’s economic and regional diversity are eligible to apply; international students who have graduated from Canadian higher education institutions may also apply under this category.

Selected candidates are contacted directly by the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program, and candidates are invited to submit applications only.

Application Requirements

  • The account is active in the federated EE pool;
  • The account is active in the federated EE pool;
  • are pursuing a career that supports Alberta’s economic and diverse development;
  • CRS score of at least 300

The following factors may increase the likelihood that an applicant will receive an invitation:

  • Alberta work offer and/or work experience;
  • Graduated from a Canadian post-secondary institution;
  • have relatives living in Alberta: parent, child, brother or sister;
  • French is the first language.

Applicants may be less likely to receive an invitation if:

  • EE accounts will expire in five months or less;
  • Your current occupation is on the Alberta Opportunity Immigrant Disqualified Occupation List;
  • The occupation currently engaged in has more places to submit in AINP immigration applications.

Application RequirementsTech Careers Fast Track

Under the Alberta EE category, if the applicant is currently working for or holds a job offer from an Alberta technology industry employer in an eligible skilled occupation, his application may be expedited, and the applicant’s The occupation must be on the Alberta Technology Industry Pilot Occupation List.

Application procedure:

  1. Get an offer from an Alberta employer;
  2. Apply for LMIA (2-3 months);
  3. Enter the EE pool to wait for an invitation, and submit a work permit application at the same time;
  4. The work permit is approved, and the landing job (3 months);
  5. Provincial nominee is invited to submit a provincial nomination application;
  6. Provincial nomination approved (2-3 months);
  7. Apply for PR (6-9 months).

Note: Applicants of the Tech Career Acceleration Pathway believe that they meet the application conditions and must first fill out the Tech Industry Pilot form. This form includes the applicant’s job offer in Alberta and relevant information about the job, as well as the applicant’s EE pool. personal information. The AAIP will review the information on the form and determine whether the applicant meets the minimum application requirements. If the minimum application requirements are met, the AAIP will send an email inviting applicants to submit an application.


List of Tech Occupations in Alberta

NOC codeOccupationsOccupation name
0013Senior managers – financial, communications and other business servicesExecutives – Financial, Communications and Other Business Services
0112Human resources managershuman resources manager
0131Telecommunication carriers managerTelecom operator manager
0211Engineering managersEngineering Manager
0212Architecture and science managersBuilding and Science Manager
0213Computer and information systems managersCompany sales manager
0512Managers – publishing, motion pictures, broadcasting and performing artsManager – Publishing, Film, Broadcasting and Performing Arts
0601Corporate sales managersCompany sales manager
1123Professional occupations in advertising, marketing and public relationsAdvertising, Marketing and Public Relations Careers
1121Human resources professionalsHR professionals
1223Human resources and recruitment officersHuman Resources and Recruiters
2131Civil engineerscivil engineer
2132Mechanical engineersMechanical Engineers
2133Electrical and electronics engineersElectrical and Electronics Engineer
2147Computer engineers (except software engineers and designers)Computer engineers (except software engineers and designers)
2161Mathematicians, statisticians and actuariesMathematicians, Statisticians and Actuaries
2171Information systems analysts and consultantsInformation Systems Analyst and Consultant
2172Database analysts and data administratorsData Analysis and Data Manager
2173Software engineers and designersSoftware Engineer and Designer
2174Computer programmers and interactive media developersComputer Programmer and Interactive Media Development
2175Web designers and developersWeb Design and Development
2221Biological technologists and techniciansbiotechnologist
2232Mechanical engineering technologists and techniciansMechanical Engineering Technician
2233Industrial engineering and manufacturing technologists and techniciansIndustrial Engineering and Manufacturing Technicians
2241Electrical and electronics engineering technologists and techniciansElectrical and electronic engineering technicians
2253Drafting technologists and techniciansdrafting technician
2281Computer network technicianscomputer network technician
2282User support techniciansUser Support Technician
2283Information systems testing techniciansInformation Systems Testing Technician
3211Medical laboratory technologistsInformation Systems Testing Technician
3212Medical laboratory technicians and pathologists’ assistantsMedical Laboratory Technologist and Pathologist Assistant
3219Other medical technologists and technicians (except dental health)Other medical technologists and technicians (except dental)
4163Business development officers and marketing researchers and consultantsBusiness Development Officer and Marketing Researcher and Consultant
5131Producers, directors, choreographers and related occupationsProducers, directors, choreographers and related occupations
5241Graphic designers and illustratorsGraphic Designer and Illustrator
7241Electricians (except industrial and power system)Electricians (except industrial and power systems)
7242Industrial electriciansIndustrial Electrician
7246Telecommunications installation and repair workersTelecom installation and maintenance workers

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