Application procedure:

EE Category Application Procedure

  1. Create an online account in the IRCC EE system, obtain the EE Profile Number and Job Seeker Validation Code, choose the immigration destination as Ontario or all provinces and territories, and meet the application conditions for one of the federal skilled immigration or Canadian experience immigration;
  2. The OINP screens eligible applicants in the EE candidate pool, and the selected applicants will be invited by Ontario in the IRCC online account;
  3. Submit a provincial nomination application to Ontario through OINP e-Filing Portal within 45 days after receiving the Ontario Invitation of Intent (NOI), pay an application fee of $1,500, and OINP will evaluate the application;
  4. Once Ontario approves the application, the applicant will receive an Ontario nomination letter, and the applicant needs to accept the nomination in the EE system within 30 days, and the CRS will receive 600 points;
  5. Submit a permanent residence visa application to IRCC within 90 days of receiving an invitation to apply for a visa from IRCC.

Employer Sponsorship and Application Process for Masters and PhD Graduates

  1. Create an account at OINP e-Filing Portal;
  2. Register for EOI, OINP ranks according to the score;
  3. Receive an invitation from Ontario to submit a provincial nomination application through the OINP e-Filing Portal within 14 days;
  4. The provincial nomination is approved, and the OINP emails the applicant a nomination letter and a work permit support letter;
  5. Submit a PR visa application to IRCC within 60 days;
  6. Approved to sign.

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