Are Canadian immigration agencies reliable? Quick identification with one move!

Continuing from the previous chapter, how do you tell if the “immigration agency” serving you is a licensed consultant with CICC certification? First of all, everyone used the search engine to search for keywords: “Find an Immigration Consultant CICC”.

You will find the CICC official website page in Figure 1, please look for this page in the picture. Click “Find an Immigration Consultant” at the top of the home page, then scroll down to “Alphabetic list of RCICs by last name” at the bottom of the page (Figure 2). You can search for information on all legally qualified immigration consultants here. You can search by information such as name, address, company name, zip code, and license number.

Moreover, in the column of Status, you can see whether the consultant has any illegal records and is being punished by the industry association (Figure 3). As long as the four items in the red box I marked appear in the Status column, it means that the consultant has a record of violations of laws and regulations, or the annual qualification review has not met the standards, and is being punished or re-examined.

Just like the one in the red box in Figure 4. If you encounter such a consultant, go out decisively and turn right to find the next one.

You only need to check the license of the immigration consultant currently serving you with the information on the official website to know whether the immigration consultant is “reliable” or not, whether it is a professional who has the qualifications of immigration consultant business and can legally provide immigration services personnel! Although it is said that having a license does not necessarily mean an honest and qualified immigration consultant, but without a license, there is no doubt that it is definitely not.

As for why you must find a “licensed consultant” for immigration? On the one hand, because of Canadian law, only licensed consultants can legally represent you in your immigration application. Otherwise, you may encounter: “The undocumented immigration company was investigated, and 1,200 green cards were revoked at one time! The customers sued collectively!” Such things.

On the other hand, a licensed immigration consultant is a very difficult professional qualification, just like a lawyer’s qualification certificate. At present, you have to study a very rigorous professional course at Queen’s University, and you must achieve IELTS Class A 8777, and study a large number of professional cases and immigration laws and regulations before you can take the exam. After obtaining the license, they have to learn new professional courses and conduct qualification review every year. The professional ability and legal knowledge of licensed immigration consultants are far superior to other unlicensed practitioners. The solid immigration road really needs to start with a reliable licensed consultant.

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