Attention international students! Canada Graduation Work Permit policy revision!

The Canadian Immigration Service has revised the policy details for international students applying for a Post Graduate Work Permit. International students must keep studying full-time during their study abroad! If you leave school due to illness, being suspended by the school, or other reasonable reasons, you must meet the following two requirements:

1⃣️Look for school approval and obtain a written authorization certificate provided by the department.

2⃣️The total time away from school/non-full-time study cannot exceed 150 days.

Failure to do so will result in the rejection of the graduation work permit! All students studying in Canada must pay attention.

In addition, the 5 major questions that students often ask about graduation work permits, Yurun’s assistant is here to provide answers for you:

1⃣️Can I still apply for a post-graduation work permit while studying online in China or other countries? 😨

Answer: During the period from the beginning of 2020 to August 31, 2022, the time of taking online courses outside Canada is counted as normal studying abroad, which will not affect the application for graduation work permits.

2⃣️How long does it take to apply for a graduate work permit? 🤔

If you apply in Canada, you can usually get a visa within three months. Individual cases will take about 120 days.

3⃣️What information do I need to apply for a graduate work permit?

Applicants need to provide three major materials: 1. Degree certificate 2. Graduation transcript 3. Graduation letter (confirmation of graduation) provided by the school. In addition, you need to fill in relevant forms and provide scanned copies of passports and other materials.

4⃣️ How long is the time limit for graduation work permit? How many times can I apply? 😯

Anyone can only apply for a Canadian graduation work permit once in a lifetime. Please cherish the validity period of the graduation work permit, accumulate work experience as soon as possible, and immigrate to shore as soon as possible. The validity period of the work permit is the same as your study period. If the study time is 1.5 years, the work permit is also 1.5 years. If your study abroad program is more than 2 years and meets the requirements for applying for PGWP, you will get a graduation work permit for up to 3 years.

5⃣️Can I start working during the waiting period after submitting the graduation work permit application? 🤔

Can! After submitting the application, you can officially start working according to the provisions of the implied status in the law!

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