BC Nominated Entry and Semi-skilled Trades

The BC Nomination Entry and Semi-Skilled Trades (ELSS) category is for applicants currently working in the tourism/hospitality, long-distance transportation, food processing or healthcare industries in BC, or currently working in the province’s Northeast Development Zone. Development Region of BC) applicants for entry or semi-skilled jobs in occupations other than home care that are classified as NOC C or D occupations.

Applicants must meet the following application requirements

  • Have accepted a long-term full-time job offer from a BC employer in the tourism/hospitality, healthcare, long-haul trucking or food processing industry categories:
    • Occupation must be on the list of eligible occupations in all industries (see schedule below);
    • If you are in the Northeast BC Development Zone, you can work in any occupation C or D;
  • Have been in full-time employment for that employer for at least nine consecutive months prior to submitting your application, during which time you can work in different ELSS occupations for the same employer, and must maintain that employment throughout the provincial nomination application process;
  • Able to perform the job offered, and the salary and benefits are in line with the same industry standard in British Columbia;
  • Must be able to demonstrate that minimum income requirements have been met throughout the nine-month period prior to submitting registration and applications;
  • Applicants must have completed at least a high school diploma, either in or outside of Canada;
  • A language score of a minimum of CLB 4;
  • Have a legal status while working in Canada;
  • The following additional requirements apply to the long-haul truck driver occupation:
    • At least two years of work experience as a long-distance truck driver in the three years prior to enrolling in the BC Provincial Nomination, either in or outside of Canada;
    • Must hold a valid Class 1 BC driver’s license with air brake endorsement during nine months of full-time employment;
    • Long-haul truck drivers’ annual salary is calculated using the average number of hours worked based on their nine-month pay statement, up to a maximum of 60 hours/week*52 weeks;
  • Health care occupations are also subject to the following additional requirements:
    • Must hold a registration or license from the occupation in BC.

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