BC Nominated Health Authority Category

Health care is an important priority for British Columbia. Applicants may be eligible for this category if they have a full-time job offer in any occupation from a public health agency in BC. Applicants who are doctors, nurse practitioners or midwives but are not directly employed by a public health authority may also be eligible for this category. No registration is required for this category, and applications can be submitted directly to BC Nomination if all conditions are met.

Applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • The applicant holds a long-term full-time job offer as a direct employee in any of the following BC public health authorities:
    • Provincial Health Services Authority
    • First Nations Health Authority
    • Fraser Health
    • Interior Health
    • Island Health
    • Northern Health
    • Vancouver Coastal Health
    • Providence Health Care
  • Or, if the applicant is a doctor or nurse practitioner who is or will be working in British Columbia with the support of a British Columbia public health authority, at the time of submitting the application, is able to submit a letter of recommendation from a British Columbia public health authority confirming that: the applicant position, the applicant is working or will be working in BC, the BC health authority supports the applicant to submit a BC nomination application;
  • OR, the applicant is a midwife who has worked with an established practice group in BC for at least six months prior to submitting the application, and can provide a copy of the official letterhead of the established practice group in BC at the time of submission of the application A confirmation letter confirming the date the applicant joined the practice group and signed by the applicant and the head of the practice group;
  • Meet the education, training, experience and qualifications required by public health authorities, as well as the certification, licensing or registration required to work in the occupation in British Columbia;
  • Be competent to work in British Columbia, and the salary is in line with the salary standard of the same industry in British Columbia;
  • Applicants whose occupation category is NOC B should have a language level of at least CLB 4;
  • Demonstrate sufficient funds to support the applicant and his/her family and meet the BC minimum household income requirements;
  • If the applicant is currently in Canada, they must have legal status;
  • Meet the BC Skilled Immigration Score Invitation Score;
  • If you choose the EE BC pathway, you need to meet the application conditions and language requirements of one of the categories of Federal Skilled Workers (FSW), Federal Skilled Workers (FST) or Federal Experience Classes (CEC) under the EE system.

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