BC Nominated International Student Category

This category is applicable to international students who have graduated from Canadian universities or colleges in the past three years. It is not limited to those who graduated from institutions in British Columbia. Some graduate-level international students may also have the qualifications to apply for BC’s nomination for graduates. qualifications.

Applicants must meet the following application requirements

  • Applicants must have a degree, diploma or certificate from an eligible Canadian post-secondary institution:
    • The degree must be conferred by a Canadian post-secondary institution;
    • The diploma or certificate must be awarded by a Canadian public higher education institution, and those awarded by private institutions are not recognized;
    • The course of study must be a full-time course of not less than eight months (two semesters) (excluding internships);
  • The application must be submitted to the BC PNP within three years of receipt of official transcripts showing completion of all requirements for the degree program;
  • Have accepted a long-term full-time job offer from a BC employer, the job category must be NOC A or B, and if the position offered by the employer requires mandatory certification, licensing or registration, you must provide documentation in your application to the BC PNP indicating that The applicant meets these requirements or how to meet these requirements in the short term, and the salary package is in line with the salary standard of the same industry in British Columbia;
  • Meet the minimum income requirements for the applicant’s annual salary, residence and family size in British Columbia;
  • Applicants engaged in NOC category B occupations must provide a minimum language score of CLB 4. Unless language points are required for category A occupations, there is no mandatory language requirement, but valid language scores may be required during the BC PNP trial to determine whether they can meet the requirements. occupational requirements;
  • Meet the minimum invitation score for the BC Nominee Skilled Immigrant Score;
  • If you choose the EE BC pathway, you need to meet the application conditions and language requirements of one of the categories of Federal Skilled Workers (FSW), Federal Skilled Workers (FST) or Federal Experience Classes (CEC) under the EE system.

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