BC Nomination Program Application Procedure

1. Register

The application categories that need to be registered include the skilled worker category and the international student category in the EE BC program and the skilled worker category, entry and semi-skilled worker category and international student category in the traditional program. You can apply directly through the BC PNP online system for the medical professional category and the master’s and doctoral graduate category.

Before registering for the British Columbia PNP, the EE British Columbia project category needs to register an EE account through IRCC’s EE system. If the applicant’s conditions can meet the requirements of a certain category of federal skilled immigration, federal skilled worker immigration and Canadian experience immigration Receive EE account and Job Seeker verification code. Traditional item categories do not require this step.

Registration is to create an account in the BC PNP online system, complete the registration information, and submit.

After registration, applicants will get registration scores and enter the candidate pool of the applied category, waiting for an invitation to apply. The applicant’s time in the candidate pool is up to 12 months.

2. Invitation

The BC PNP will invite applicants who enter the candidate pool based on the principle of high scores. After receiving the invitation to apply, the applicant must submit a complete application through the BC PNP online system within 30 days.

3. Apply

Submit a skilled immigration application through the BC PNP online system. There is an application processing fee of $1150 to apply. Once the application is approved, the applicant will be nominated for permanent residence.

4. Nomination

Get a provincial nomination and apply for permanent residence to IRCC. After the applicant receives the confirmation of nomination from the BC PNP, he or she is required to submit a completed permanent residence application to the designated IRCC visa office. Be careful not to submit your application no longer than the validity period in your nomination letter.

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