BC Nominee Immigration – 2022

British Columbia, located in the westernmost part of Canada, British Columbia has a mild climate and most of the province is forested. The capital of British Columbia is Victoria on Vancouver Island, and the largest city is Vancouver.

Economic growth in British Columbia depends on sufficient skilled workers and entrepreneurs to meet the needs of the labor market and to ensure the continued prosperity of British Columbia, and newcomers play an important role in supplementing current and future labor market shortages.

The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) is an economic immigration program that provides an immigration pathway for foreign workers and experienced entrepreneurs who promote economic development in the province. Applicants and their spouses and children who have been nominated by the province of British Columbia are eligible to submit a permanent residence visa application to the Commonwealth to obtain a Maple Leaf Card.

At present, most of the immigration programs nominated by British Columbia require an employer offer, and only the master and doctoral graduates can apply without an employer offer after meeting the conditions. BC Nominated Skilled Worker Category

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