Burst! Canada FSW and CEC suspend lottery!

Friends who are waiting in the EE pool, I am afraid that the Canadian Immigration Service will disappoint you again. Important news from CIC News, a memo from within the Immigration Service shows that due to the huge backlog of pending cases, the Immigration Service will temporarily suspend the FSW and CEC category invitations for the EE Express Entry. Only after the number of backlog cases is significantly reduced, the fast track will re-invite CEC applicants; the FSW category applications that will be reopened next year will also be postponed.

This news confirms the embarrassing state of the Canadian EE Federal Fast Track. There has not been a draw for the CEC category since September 14, and only the EE PNP is still sending out invitations. After the amnesty with the “lowest score in history” of 75 points at the beginning of the year, and after the two waves of large-scale recruitment of new policies on May 6, the CEC type applications in Canada currently in hand by the Immigration Bureau have been completely unable to process. According to sources within USCIS, the total backlog could be as high as 1.8 million. At the beginning of September this year, there was a backlog of about 108,500 applications for the Express Entry category, and by the end of October, this number was still as high as 99,968. In other words, only 8,500 applications were processed in two months, and the efficiency is really impressive. I don’t know how long it will take to digest the remaining nearly 100,000 applications.

Don’t forget, the new Immigration Minister Sean Fraser emphasized in the interview that the current focus of the Immigration Bureau is to deal with Afghan refugees, which will occupy part of the manpower responsible for CEC or spouse guarantee categories. At present, there are nearly 190,000 people in the EE pool. When the Immigration Bureau finishes processing the backlog and starts to invite CEC or FSW applicants again, there may be very fierce competition in the pool.

The friends who caught up with the 75-point amnesty and the 5.6 New Deal are really lucky; and the applicants who are still waiting in the EE pool may need more patience. If you are a friend who is qualified to apply for the provincial nomination channel, you may wish to go ashore as soon as possible through the provincial nomination.

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