Canada Experience Class Immigration Application – CEC

Processing fee starts at $3000 CAD

Project Description

The applicant intends to reside in a province outside of Quebec and has one year of full-time employment or an equivalent part-time NOC 0, A, B job in the three-year period preceding the application and meets the language requirements for the position. The work experience must be obtained after graduation and have legal status in Canada while working.

After the applicant meets the above basic conditions, he can enter the candidate pool, and the Immigration Bureau will invite immigrants according to the score.

application materials

Materials required for application:

  1. Scanned copies of all pages of the passport
  2. Scanned copy of account page
  3. Birth certificate
  4. Marriage notarization (marriage certificate, divorce certificate, single, etc.)
  5. Proof of relationship (factual couple or same-sex couple)
  6. 1 recent digital photo
  7. Academic accreditation and impartiality
  8. Proof of work in the past 10 years (recommendation letter + supporting materials)
  9. Original language scores (valid for 2 years, in English or French)
  10. no criminal record
  11. IMM5476 Principal Form (signature and scan after filling)

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