Canada start-up Visa Program- SUV

Program Description

The Canada Start-up Visa Program became a federal fixed immigration program on March 31, 2018. It is currently the only business investment immigration program of the Federal Immigration Service, and it can be applied directly without any provincial nomination . Apply to a certified investment institution through an innovative project. After the project is demonstrated, use the project support letter from the investment institution to apply for family immigration to the Federation. After obtaining permanent residency, you can freely choose the place of residence.

Yurun Immigration’s project specialists can help applicants organize their entrepreneurial ideas, technical highlights, form a business plan that meets the project application conditions, and act as an effective communication bridge between the certified investment institution and the applicant. After receiving the project support letter, We will always assist clients to track and improve their pre-immigration projects to ensure the success of immigration.

Program Highlights

The fastest immigration program except EE

  • The federal project is stable, and you can log in with a maple leaf card in one step

No investment, no scoring system, no age limit

  • If the project conditions are met, the immigration quota can be obtained

Applicable Applicant

  • English-speaking applicants
  • Experience with commercial or technical advantages
  • Overseas applicants who do not want to change their domestic life before immigrating, but want to land as soon as possible in their working status

Application Requirements

  • IELTS 5 points or above
  • Several years of business experience
  • Or industry innovation technology and capabilities

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