Canada’s Express Entry system (EE) invites applicants for the Provincial Nomination (PNP) category again

On October 27, the Canadian Federal Express Entry System (EE) once again invited 888 provincial nominee (PNP) category applicants. Since September, the Immigration Bureau has never invited applicants for the CEC (Canadian Experience) category. The CEC category invitations that were in full swing in the first 9 months of this year suddenly failed, making it difficult for many long-awaited international students in Canada to accept. Some friends who are still overseas and looking forward to the re-opening of FSW (Overseas Skilled Migration) are even more depressed.

For this PNP invitation, the minimum score given by the Immigration Bureau is 144 points. Considering the feature that applicants of the provincial nomination category automatically add 600 points, in fact, the applicant only needs an additional 144 points to get the invitation.

So far, we can clearly see that the Immigration Bureau is paying more and more attention to the provincial nomination category, and has invited applicants for the provincial nomination category on a large scale for many times in a row. On June 23 this year, there were more than 1,000 invitations for the provincial nomination category, and there was an invitation for 940 people on June 9.

The total number of invitations to the fast track this year has reached 110,000, exceeding the number of invitations for the whole of last year (only 107,000). The last CEC invitation was already on September 21, and it was a high-score invitation with 462 points and only invited 2,000 people. It is very likely that the Immigration Bureau has used up all the CEC category quotas for this year and no longer intends to make any supplements; the next CEC category invitation may have to wait until next year.

By 2023, the Immigration Bureau is expected to invite more than 80,000 applicants in the PNP category, and the proportion of the provincial nomination category in the immigration system is growing significantly. The provinces have also introduced more and more diversified and detailed provincial nomination scoring categories this year. The emergence of the EOI scoring system will help each region to select candidates in line with local economic development in a targeted manner. The latest immigration minister, Sean Fraser, is from Nova Scotia (Nova Scotia) among the four Atlantic provinces. Ontario, with a large population, and BC have moved to relatively less developed areas.

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