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In November, JVS Toronto, an employment service platform widely sought after by new Canadian immigrants, teamed up with Yurun Immigration to provide free employment guidance and assistance services to international students for the first time. In addition to 1-to-1 job hunting training, analysis of personal qualifications, resume modification, interview counseling, job search and screening, more industry trend seminars and employer direct promotion services are multi-dimensional to help new immigrants and international students quickly connect The Canadian job market is accelerating the pace of integration.

JVS Toronto is a service-oriented non-profit organization authorized and funded by the Canadian government to provide one-stop employment services for new immigrants. Since its establishment in 1947, JVS Toronto has provided employment consulting and training services to as many as 21,000 new immigrants every year. Its 9 branches have provided more than 400 services for new immigrants, meeting the various needs of new immigrants job seekers.

Yurun Immigration is a federally licensed (No. R511136) immigration legal consulting service company and a registered member of the Canadian Immigration Consultants Professional Association (No. R15166). Yurun Immigration is committed to helping new immigrants to obtain Canadian status quickly, safely, securely and economically. The company has been deeply involved in the Canadian immigration market for many years, has abundant resources, and has a lot of practical experience in difficult cases. Based on the actual situation of the customer, it selects the most suitable project neutrally and objectively to ensure the efficiency and success rate of case execution. Yurun Immigration has helped nearly a thousand clients successfully immigrate.

This one-stop job search and immigration project jointly created by JVS Toronto and Yurun Immigration provides services for international students and more friends who are planning to immigrate to Canada. Yurun Immigration will rely on the government, employment resources and benefits of JVS, based on the immigration profession itself, as the gatekeeper of the first gate of immigration to screen jobs for job seekers, ensuring that job seekers can find jobs and add points to immigration applications .

Program Core Advantages

Win job hunting, ensure extra points

Yurun Immigration will rely on JVS government employment resources and benefits, based on the immigration profession itself, to ensure that job seekers can find jobs and add points to immigration applications.

Senior Consultant + Job Coach

​Experienced licensed consultants and job training coaches will sort out the cumbersome immigration application process for you and help you stand out in the fierce competition for job hunting.

One-stop family immigration and visa solutions

Cooperative pool entry for couples, bridge work visas, super visas for parents… ​Yurun Immigration has a full range of services ready to help you solve all the problems on the way to immigration

Welfare price, stage payment

The most competitive price in the market, the most guaranteed quality service. Every time a stage goal is achieved, a stage fee will be charged to reduce risks and burdens

Processing steps

1. Risk assessment, program customization

JVS job search experts provide applicants with 1-to-1 job search training, including analysis of personal qualifications, resume modification, interview counseling, job search and screening, etc. The tutor provides professional interview guidance for specific professional occupations, helping applicants quickly find Canadian jobs that meet immigration requirements.

2. Accumulate Canadian work experience and prepare immigration materials

Applicants must accumulate one year of work experience and meet the entry requirements of the CEC Canadian Federal Express Entry Canadian Experience Category.
​Yurun immigration licensed consultants customize immigration plans for applicants, plan immigration routes; establish personal CEC files, and submit applications for entry into the pool.

3. Submit an application to join the pool and quickly obtain a PR card

Licensed consultants review and check the reliability of all application materials; submit CEC immigration applications, and track the progress until PR is approved. Applicants can also apply for bridge work permits, spouses’ collaborative pooling and other projects.

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