Children of ordinary families immigrate to Canada

Bottom workforce? The minimum wage can also earn 12,000 a month, which is why children from ordinary families should immigrate to Canada!

Rising prices and falling wages are problems that many people need to face right now. Especially for students who are not outstanding and have just graduated, the income is likely to be just close to the minimum wage, which is only enough to get by.

Who will help us raise the minimum wage? In short, Mr. Ford, the governor of Ontario, raised the minimum salary for the entire province of Ontario this year, from 14.25 Canadian dollars to 14.35 Canadian dollars, an increase of only 0.1 Canadian dollars. Such a stingy salary increase caused the governor to be sprayed miserably on major media platforms. Under pressure, today, November 2, Governor Ford promised to raise the minimum wage to 15 Canadian dollars per hour early next year.

He mentioned in the news conference that for many Ontarians, wages cannot keep up with the rising cost of living, and their quality of life is decreasing. The Ontario government hopes that through this move, the burden of life will be reduced for the people of Ontario.

I have said before that it is the children of ordinary families who should emigrate the most. Let’s calculate the minimum salary that the newly graduated “bottom labor force” can get by working in Ontario for a month. Suppose you get the minimum salary in Ontario, get off work on time at 5 o’clock every day and never work overtime, and take a half-hour lunch break every day. Your weekly salary is 15 Canadian dollars*37.5 hours*4=2250 Canadian dollars, which is 11,000 RMB.

There is no doubt that with the minimum salary, considering that the price in Canada is obviously higher than that in China, life will not be very easy (the price in Canada is about equal to the domestic price*2). However, as a province’s statutory minimum salary, if you can earn this money a month, you can rent a house by yourself and live a basically comfortable life. Foreign workers from underdeveloped areas in Southeast Asia also apply to work in Canada because of the high salaries in North America.

The median annual household income in Ontario this year reached $97,856, or nearly RMB 550,000. This is the average income of the province, not a successful person or a social elite. In fact, ordinary employees in Ontario can get an income of 50,000 to 60,000 Canadian dollars a year, and they don’t need to work overtime every week, and they don’t have to work hard; when they get off work and go home to spend time with their families and children, their work-life balance is secure. This is why I often suggest that children with no family background and ordinary personal abilities should consider studying abroad: with the same effort, they will have a better life.

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