Customer Caution

Dear users and customers,
We would like to caution you about potentially fraudulent activities involving individuals or entities that may misuse our information including our registered RCIC number for deceptive purposes. Please be aware of the following:

1.Official Communication Channels: We communicate with our users and customers exclusively through official channels, such as our official website (, and email addresses (email addresses ending with We will never request sensitive personal or financial information through unsolicited emails or messages.

2.Scammers and Impersonators: Fraudsters may attempt to impersonate our organization, using a similar format or branding to deceive you. Always verify the authenticity of any communication you receive. Do not trust or engage with suspicious requests.

3.Protect Your Information: Avoid sharing personal or financial information online. Before providing any information, verify the legitimacy of the request and the entity making it. If in doubt, contact us through our official channels to confirm the request’s authenticity.

4.Report Suspicious Activity: If you suspect any fraudulent use of our information format or have concerns about the authenticity of a communication, please report it to us immediately. We take such matters seriously and will take appropriate actions to address them.

5.Stay Informed: Stay informed about common scams and frauds, and exercise vigilance in all your online interactions. Knowledge and awareness are key to protecting yourself from potential fraud.

We are committed to maintaining the security and trust of our users and customers. Please do not hesitate to contact us through our official channels if you have any questions or concerns. Your safety and security are our top priorities.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.


CEOYi Han 

Y.R.Immigration Services                   

Address: 17-333 Denison Street, Markham

Ontario, Canada L3R 2Z4

Phone: 905-604-8802