Employer Requirements for PEI Provincial Nominee Program

It is the responsibility of the PEI employer to complete the PEIW-02: PEI Employee Employment Form and confirm that the following requirements are met:

  • The company has been actively operating under existing ownership/management in PEI for at least two years and has a workforce gap;
  • Provide evidence that the recruitment for the intended occupation was unsuccessful in Canada and that the position is essential to the operation of the company;
  • The job is full-time, non-seasonal, with a contract for a permanent or at least 2-year position;
  • Employment in the intended occupation is consistent with the applicant’s ability to work, based on the applicant’s education, training and/or experience;
  • Terms and conditions of employment comply with all applicable provincial and federal workplace standards for employment and comparable industry wage rates;
  • The applicant’s employment does not violate an existing bargaining unit agreement or employment dispute;
  • Work locally in Prince Edward Island;
  • The job requiring provincial licensing or certification has been verified to ensure that the applicant has the qualifications required to pursue the occupation at PEI;
  • Provide a signed employment contract that includes the terms and conditions of full-time employment;
  • Where applicable, provide settlement support to applicants and their families to help them settle in PEI;
  • Provide a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) if applicable.

Note: If the foreign worker requires a work permit, or the current work permit may expire prior to obtaining the PR, the employer must be willing to register on the federal employer website and pay the $320 employer compliance fee.

PEI PNP Non-EE Category EOI Scoring Criteria

In the EOI system, it is divided into six major items. The maximum score is 100 points. USCIS reserves the right to change screening criteria and scores at any time.

labor categoryskilled workerkey workerStudy abroad graduates
work experience2020/
highest score100100100

The specific scoring rules are as follows:

Scoring itemDomestic skilled workersOverseas skilled workerskey workerStudy abroad graduates
18-24 years old77710
25-44 years old15151525
45-49 years old10101015
highest score15151525
language skills
Employer signs PEIW-02 form2020//
CLB/NCLC 9/10202020/
CLB/NCLC 8171717/
CLB/NCLC 7151515/
CLB/NCLC 6101010/
CLB/NCLC 5555/
CLB/NCLC 4000/
highest score202020/
Master’s or Ph.D.15151535
At least three years full-time bachelor’s degree12121220
At least one year full-time higher education diploma10101020
High school graduation//10/
highest score15151535
work experience
6+ years202020/
4-6 years151515/
2-4 years101010/
2 years or less000/
highest score202020/
PEI professional related job offer10101010
Overseas qualification certificate (non-ECA) verified by PEI regulator5555
At least one year of continuous full-time work experience in PEI5555
highest score15151520
Have a close relative who has lived in PEI for at least 12 consecutive months, and the relative is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident5555
Spouse/common-law partner and/or children have CLB/NCLC 6 or above in English or French5555
Owned residential property in PEI for at least 12 consecutive months5555
Graduated from an accredited PEI higher education institution5555
Spouse/common-law partner has at least 3 years of work experience in the past 5 years5555
The child has been admitted to a PEI educational institution for at least 6 consecutive months555/
highest score15151520

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