Five candidates from Yurun Immigration were invited in the Ontario Employer-sponsored Provincial Nomination Draw

On December 7, Ontario drew another 1,186 PNP applicants in the provincial nomination PNP category. Congratulations to Yurun Immigrant’s 5 overseas skilled immigrant clients who have all been invited! It was successfully approved only 3 months after entering the pool.

A total of 470 lucky candidates were invited in the OINP Ordinary Employer Guarantee Category, and the minimum score was only 37 points. The International Outstanding Student Category also invited 583 candidates with a score of 62 points. At present, the backlog of CEC category cases in Canada is serious, and invitations are not expected to resume until early next year. The FSW category has not been drawn for nearly a year. Friends who hope to enter the country as soon as possible to get a green card, it is better to change their thinking and apply for a provincial nomination qualification directly +600 points to ensure that they can obtain permanent residence status.

Currently, Ontario employer sponsorship is the only provincial nomination program in Canada that does not require IELTS language scores. Candidates only need a college degree or above and work experience to complete immigration. Yurun Immigration has signed cooperative relations with more than 500 local companies in Ontario, Canada. Whether it is engineering, IT, logistics management, marketing, education, catering or other industries, we can match you with the best employers in the job market.

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