Hot discussion on the Internet! Who is the mysterious immigration officer numbered “DM10032”?

Recently, on several popular Canadian immigration forums, many groups of friends are looking for an immigration officer with the number “DM10032”. Many of the group members are overseas applicants who are waiting for the results of their Canadian PR applications. An immigration officer is in charge. However, even as long as 2 years have passed, the official number “DM10032 has not updated at all, and his case has not moved at all, and there is no progress at all. The anxious applicants can only brainstorm and find ways to find this legendary “number” DM10032 “.

These applicants gathered a large number of “DM10032 victims” from all over the world online, after all, unity is strength. In the end, the Canadian local media CBC News was alarmed, and the latter interviewed several of the “victims”. They said they were “extremely annoyed and distressed” by the delay in their immigration applications, which had severely set back their careers.

CBC News once asked the Canadian Immigration Service who “DM10032” is 🤔Is it an official or just a code for reviewing machine AI However, no reply has been received from the Immigration Bureau.

Some immigration lawyers pointed out that there are many communication inconveniences in the current Canadian immigration system. Applicants have no way to check the progress of their cases and can only wait. At the same time, the immigration officer who heard the application was “nameless and nameless”, and there was no way to trace the application result, and he could only inquire through legal channels. However, applicants often do not know how to hire legal counsel.

Now that the pandemic is not over and there is a large backlog of immigration applications, the approval process of individual immigration cases may become very slow, and even far exceed the originally planned application time. Canadian licensed immigration consultants can maintain close communication with the Canadian Immigration Bureau. When the case encounters delays or long-term waiting, they can promptly urge the Immigration Bureau by phone or letter to strive for the applicant to get the desired one as soon as possible. Application result. Professional issues are handled by professionals. Save time, worry, and avoid “traffic jams” in your life and career development👍

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