How fierce is the competition for Canadian Express Entry immigration in 2022?

Recently, the Canadian Immigration Service has updated the personnel distribution of the fast-track candidate talent pool. There are 38,000 CEC Candidates waiting for invitations in the CEC pool. This number does not seem to be much, but according to the rate of inviting 5,000 people in one lottery, it still takes 8 lottery draws to finish.

The FSW candidates pool is very tragic. There are as many as 154,000 applicants crowded in the pool. After all, FSW has not invited any applicants for a year. If applicants from overseas do not have one year of work experience in Canada, even if the score line is very high, it may still be difficult to get an invitation in the face of such fierce competition.

From the perspective of score distribution, 46,000 applicants are concentrated in the range of 451-500 points, and another 46,000 applicants are in the range of 401-450 points. Purely from a mathematical point of view, if the first invitation after the reopening of all categories invites 3,000-5,000 people as usual, the invitation score is expected to exceed 490+.

For CEC applicants with relatively low scores, at present, they can improve their scores to above 460 by improving their language scores or other bonus items, and they will have a great chance to get invitations after the reopening of CEC invitations this year.

In an authorization letter to the immigration minister, Trudeau said he hopes to make rule changes to Express Entry this year. Match invited candidates to the needs of the Canadian labor market and expand permanent residence pathways for international students and temporary foreign workers through Express Entry. Therefore, the fast-track invitation in early 2022 is likely to still benefit CEC applicants in Canada. Let us look forward to the announcement of Immigration Minister Sean Fraser’s immigration plan details for the new year in early February.

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