How long does it take to process a Canadian study permit application?

A parent asked me how long it would take to apply for a student visa for her child? Currently studying abroad in a certain country, there are only 3 months left on the visa. Is it possible to get a Canadian study permit within 3 months, and enter Canada directly to start the journey of studying and immigrating without returning to China? First of all, the processing timelines for submitting different visas in different places are definitely different. Sometimes it is pure luck that he applies faster than you, or you apply slower than her. For the application of a student visa or a tourist visa, I suggest that you allow at least one month longer than the officially recommended “trial time”. In this way, if the visa is refused, there are still ways to deal with it, and there is still time to refund the ticket. The official “trial time” can be checked through the official website of the Immigration Bureau, search for “CIC check processing time”, we can enter the official questionnaire of the Immigration Bureau, fill in your place of residence and visa type, and get the processing time. For example, it takes 15 weeks for a study permit outside Canada. It takes 193 days to apply for a Canadian tourist visa in China

However, this “trial time” is estimated by the Immigration Bureau based on the most conservative speed, and the real processing speed will be much faster than here. For example, when I recently applied for a Canadian study permit in China, I received a sticker notification in about one and a half months: the application was submitted on September 13, and the sticker notification was received on November 10, which took a total of 58 days.

However, there is one type of situation that everyone must pay attention to. Suppose you are studying in country A, and there are only 3 months left on your residence visa. At this time, you want to study and immigrate in Canada, which has a more friendly immigration policy, but you are unwilling to go back to your country to apply. After all, I have to be quarantined after returning to China, and the domestic exit control is too strict, I am afraid that I will not be able to come out again. At this time, you must first extend the residence visa of country A, preferably a visa with a very clear identity such as a study permit or a work permit, and then apply for a Canadian study permit. Otherwise, the remaining 3 months of country A visa will become a risk of refusal, and the immigration officer may suspect that you are suspected of escaping, which will lead to refusal.

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