How to easily get the Study Permit and Visa for elder applicants outside Canada

The recent rejection rate of more than 30% of Canada study permit has caused many people’s anxiety. Many older applicants encountered the rejection of their study visas and then sought advice from Yurun Immigration. Some people have even been rejected for a second study permit and are still planning to apply for a third time. Today, I will briefly share with you a recent successful case of study visa, explaining how to solve the risk of refusal of some elder student visas.

Applicant’s Background:

The applicant has 10 years of study experience in Australia, and has got one Bachelor degree and three Diploma degrees. The applicant has multiple working experiences in Australia while studying, mainly in mechanical engineering and auto repair. Trapped by the Australian immigration policy and unable to obtain permanent residence status, he returned to China in January 2020. Considering that he is just 33 years old, there is still the possibility of immigrating to Canada by studying abroad, and hope to move to Canada.

To be honest, I generally feel that this is a very risky case. The reason is very simple. The immigration tendency of the candidate is too obvious, especially the 10-year experience in Australia, which will make the immigration officer feel his obvious immigration purpose.

At the same time, applicants do not have IELTS scores, but apply for schools through PTE Academic scores. So the optional degrees that recognized by Canada immigration program are also limited to his college diploma, and there is a problem of old age study.

So, how did Yurun successfully make this overseas senior student get study permit successfully?

First of all, Yurun concludes the applicant’s study and life experience, and explained to the immigration officer why the candidate had studied in Australia for 10 years, and after obtaining a bachelor’s degree, he would come to Canada to study a Diploma degree from a college. During the 4 years of undergraduate study, candidates find that their personality prefers “hands-on” type of work, and they also find that they are more interested in work that requires high hands-on ability. Therefore, after graduate from the major of computer science, I read three mechanical-related technical degrees in Australia, and engaged in auto repair-related work in Australia. We explain in as much detail as possible why the applicant has undertaken a degree backwardation in Australia and has worked for such a long time – it is to find that the occupation they really want to pursue does not match the original academic qualifications, so they need to continue to study.

Then, combined with the background of the applicant’s father opening a furniture factory in China, it shows that he is currently assisting his father to run the furniture factory, and he has a clear pursuit of career development in China – to run his family business well. This is a very important statement, because the applicant has very strong economic ties, family ties and career ties with the country, which can to a certain extent dispel the immigration officer’s concerns that the applicant will not leave Canada in the future, which is to weaken his immigration tendency .

The most important thing is to explain applicant’s purpose to study in Canada this time. The applicant finds that his current knowledge and experience are not enough to support the rapid development of his furniture factory. He needs to come to Canada to learn more professional knowledge. His study abroad is “crucial” for him to run his family business well. He chose to study Carpenter and renovation at George Brown College, also majoring in carpentry and decoration. After completing his studies, he will return to China to expand his family business.

Based on the above analysis, Yurun sorted out all the documents and submitted the application. The timeline from application to approval is as follows:

October 4th Submit study permit application

October 18th Received a letter of request for fingerprinting from the USCIS

November 5th Study permit issued

It takes a total of 31 days.

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