Howdy! The 2022 Express Entry draw will be based on occupation?

At the latest meeting between the Canadian Immigration Service and the Canadian Bar Association, the Minister of Immigration responded to the internal documents of the suspension of EE invitations that have been uploaded on the Internet: At present, the Ministry of Immigration is still planning the 2022 EE invitation plan for each category, and at the same time The lucky ones who have been invited last year, please don’t be impatient. The Immigration Bureau will not cancel any case that has been invited because of the backlog. The cancellation or return of the submitted PR application ten years ago will not happen.

In addition, the most important news is that the Immigration Bureau is considering launching a new type of EE invitation method in 2022, inviting candidates based on their occupation rather than their CRS score!

As for the timing of the next CEC or FSW invitation, the Minister of Immigration did not disclose any news.

There are many projects that the Immigration Bureau invites through positions, such as provincial nominations from various provinces, or urgently needed occupations, etc. This program can better meet the needs of Canada’s local job market. However, for CEC applicants, they have already worked in Canada, paid taxes, have basically integrated into the Canadian job market, and are providing labor for Canada. Therefore, the new “invitation by position” invitation method is likely to be more targeted at overseas FSW applicants!

We can make a bold prediction that future immigration invitations may be CEC invitations + invitations for all job categories alternately. In this way, it can not only avoid the long-term high invitation score, but also meet the diversified needs of the immigrant population, and at the same time help the Canadian job market to deliver urgently needed talents in a targeted manner. In general, it is a good candidate who can contribute to the Canadian job market.

Considering that the NOC occupational classification system will be reformed in the second half of the year, there may be invitations for all EE categories or overseas FSW applicants according to occupation.

Let’s wait and see.

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