Increase manpower, clear the backlog, and the Canadian Immigration Service will speed up!

Due to the large backlog of immigration and visa applications caused by the epidemic, the Immigration Bureau must do everything possible to speed up the efficiency of case trials. The Canadian Federation has also provided the Immigration Bureau with an investment of 85 million Canadian dollars, focusing on improving the processing capacity of the Immigration Bureau. Finally, Immigration Minister Sean Fraser announced yesterday that the Immigration Bureau will hire at least 500 new immigration officers, and at the same time strengthen the use of the electronic trial assistance system; and if the Immigration Bureau needs it, it will maintain this recruitment status and continue to increase manpower. At the end of this year, the Immigration Bureau will allow the case processing time to return to the standard time limit!

This is the most positive response from the USCIS to dealing with the backlog of cases. Dear friends who apply for study permits, work permits, and PR applications, please wait patiently. The immigration program with the fastest processing backlog is the federal Express Entry CEC category, which can process about 14,000 applications every month. At this rate, it is expected that in the next two months, the USCIS may reconsider the invitation to open the CEC category.

Canadian immigration in 2022 will soon be back on track!

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