Internal news from the CIC! 36 months for FSW trial in 2022?

A recent internal reference message from the Canadian Immigration Service has cast a shadow over the 2022 federal express entry immigration. This news mainly comes from an opinion letter written by a Canadian immigration lawyer to the Minister of Immigration. The analysis of the current EE federal fast track restrictions can be used as a reference for friends who are willing to immigrate to Canada but are still overseas.

1. At present, there is a large backlog of unapproved cases in the EE fast track, and these hoarded cases can already meet most of the quota needs of the federal fast track in 2022. And the large number of PR applicants brought by the 5-6 New Deal in 2021 will also occupy the immigration application quota in 2022. Therefore, in the future, the Immigration Bureau will not have a strong need to draw a large number of FSW or CEC applicants. The possibility of an amnesty is almost non-existent. At the same time, the invitation dates for FSW and CEC may be postponed, and the number of invitees will be less

2. CIC urgently needs to adjust the way of EE case approval. At present, the average review time of FSW cases has reached 20 months (it may be further extended to 36 months in 2022), while the trial time of CEC cases is close to 8 months. This kind of processing speed is much slower than the processing requirements proposed by the Immigration Bureau itself. The USCIS must speed up the processing of cases, and the most direct way is to reduce new invitations

3. The competition for FSW applicants is too fierce. If the invitation is really restarted, the initial score is expected to reach CRS500. It is estimated that the score will drop after a stable invitation for more than half a year. At present, only FSW applicants with a language score of CLB9 or above and Canadian local bonus points can achieve such a high score.

Overall, the large backlog of cases from 2021 has brought a more severe test to the 2022 EE immigration channel, which was already full of uncertainties. However, with all kinds of news released by the CIC, there is a high probability that policies that will benefit applicants in Canada will be released this year, including new policies to help domestic work permit holders and international students obtain PR status. However, overseas applicants may still have to face a considerable period of waiting.

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