Introduction to SUV Entrepreneurship Immigration Program

Start-up Visa is an entrepreneurial immigration program released by Canada in 2013. After running for 5 years, it became a permanent program in 2018. The main purpose of the program is to attract innovative foreign entrepreneurs to make new contributions to Canada’s economic and industrial development, and its handling requirements are relatively relaxed. However, applicants need to meet many of the rules and assessments specified by the USCIS.
Applicants must first design an entrepreneurial project and submit it to a federally designated incubator for review. Applicants do not need to submit highly “innovative” projects, but rather introduce their past work experience and some minor innovations into a mature business model. The business plan should preferably include its own intellectual property rights or content with scientific and technological gold content, thereby increasing the technical content of the project.

Applicants must obtain a support letter from the incubator to submit an application. The applicant then landed in Canada, applied for a work visa at the same time as applying for an immigrant visa, and began to implement his own business plan (you can bring your family to Canada to wait for the immigrant visa to be approved).

The federal government ultimately decides whether to issue permanent resident status based on whether the applicant has implemented its own business plan. Note that the entrepreneurial project itself does not need to be successful or profitable. It only needs to implement the entrepreneurial plan you set up step by step to be approved!

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