Manitoba Skilled Immigration EOI Scoring Criteria

The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Skilled Immigrant EOI scoring standard has a total score of 1000 points, and the scoring items include:

  • Language (according to the individual points of the CLB level, 25 points can be added for the second language reaching CLB 5, and a maximum of 100 points can be added for the first language, for a total of 125 points);
  • Age up to 75 points (between 21-45 years old);
  • More than 4 years of work experience is 75 points (100 points can be added for a certificate of an occupation that requires registration in Manitoba, and the occupation nominated at the time of application needs to be related to the occupation);
  • Education up to 125 points (Master or PhD);
  • Adaptability up to 500 points (50 points for distant relatives or friends, 200 points for close relatives, 100 points for work or study experience in Manitoba);
  • There is also a risk reduction item in the Manitoba score. If you have close ties with other provinces (studied in other provinces or worked in other provinces), points will be reduced.
Factor 1: Language ProficiencyManitoba Score
Language CLB levelSecond language
First language
CLB 8 or higher25 each
CLB 722 each
CLB 620 each
CLB 517 each
CLB 412 each
CLB 3 or lower0
Second languageSecond language
CLB 5 or higher (overall)25
Highest Score – Factor 1125
Factor 2: AgeScoring is based on age at the time of MPNP EOI submission
18 years old20
19 years old30
20 years old40
21 to 45 years old75
50 years old or above40
47 years old30
48 years old20
49 years old10
50 years and older0
Highest Score – Factor 275
Factor 3: Work ExperiencePoints based on full-time work experience
Working yearsPoints (30 hours of work per week and more than 6 months of continuous work for one employer, less than one year of work experience will be ignored. Occupational qualification points are said to be engaged in a restricted occupation in Manitoba and the applicant has obtained the corresponding supervision of the occupation The institution’s full registration certification.)
less than one year0
one year40
two years50
three years60
Four years and above75
Obtain professional qualification certification100
Highest Score – Factor 3175
Factor 4: Education ScoreCalculation of academic points based on the highest degree the applicant has obtained
Master’s or Ph.D.125
Two higher education programs with a duration of more than 2 years115
An advanced education with a duration of 3 years or more110
A 2-year higher education100
one year higher education70
Trade Certificate70
No formal post-secondary education0
Highest Score – Factor 4125
Highest education completedScore
Factor 5: AdaptabilityApplicants must have any of the following connections to Manitoba to be eligible for the Manitoba application
adaptive abilityScore (corresponding Manitoba contacts also have corresponding adaptability bonus points, and if you have more than 6 months of work experience in Manitoba contacts, you can add 500 points at one time, and the cumulative maximum can add 500 points)
Manitoba Contact
close relatives in Manitoba200
More than half a year of work experience in Manitoba100
Completion of 2+ years of post-secondary education in Manitoba100
Complete 1 year of post-secondary education in Manitoba50
Have a friend or distant relative in Manitoba50
Manitoba needs Manitoba Demand
Worked in Manitoba for more than 6 months (for the same employer)500
Get an invitation to the Strategic Initiative500
Regional Development
Immigrants settled outside of Winnipeg50
Highest Score – Factor 5500
Factor 6: Risk AssessmentA feature of the Manitoba Provincial Nominee EOI score is the risk assessment item with a negative score
Sub-insurance item – flying abroadManitoba points (if the applicant has a greater connection with other provinces than with Manitoba, or if the applicant is at risk of living in Manitoba, there will be corresponding deductions in the Manitoba EOI, and a maximum of 200 points will be deducted)
Close relatives in other provinces but not in Manitoba0
Work experience in other provinces-100
Studied in other provinces-100
Have applied for other provincial nominations0
Highest Score – Factor 6-200
Highest possible overall score1000

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