MBA application

Project Description

A master’s degree has more points in EE, and an Ontario master’s degree can be directly nominated by the province, providing fast and convenient extra points for immigrating to Canada. Yurun Immigration will provide you with school selection advice and assist you in submitting your admission application based on your immigration plan.

application materials

Materials required for application:

  1. Three-year high school transcripts and notarized documents
  2. University enrollment certificate and notarized documents
  3. Original transcripts and notarized documents of courses taken by the university
  4. Original English transcript
  5. a written personal statement
  6. Complete School Application Form
  7. Other materials that are beneficial to the application

Handling process

  1. Fill in the form and submit the document
  2. Pay for services
  3. Submit required materials
  4. Contact online customer service
  5. Successfully obtained a visa

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