Must work! Ontario Employer sponsored Immigration Program introduces new regulations!

Ontario’s employer-sponsored immigration program without IELTS has completely changed. On January 7, the Immigration Bureau added two requirements to the new batch of Nominee Approval Letters, which made the application of the Ontario Employer Guarantee Program, which originally did not require an English IELTS score, become more difficult to apply for. The Immigration Bureau requires the following:

1. Applicants must apply for a work permit within 6 months of provincial nomination.

2. Applicants must start working within 10 months of provincial nomination.

Therefore, candidates can not be able to wait in China to obtain the Maple Leaf Card before landing!

More importantly, applicants must enter Ontario to work. In the stage of applying for a work permit and work, the applicant needs a certain English language ability!

At the same time, it will also put forward higher requirements on the authenticity of the employer and the authenticity of the work, and those unreasonable employment arrangements will be unsustainable. This policy adjustment shows that Ontario will pay more attention to the actual work ability of immigrant applicants, thereby improving the current shortage of labor force in some positions in Ontario, and it also puts forward higher requirements for applicants’ English foundation. As we predicted, immigration will always favor new immigrants who have practical work skills, English ability, and can better integrate into the local economic environment.

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