NB province study and graduate immigration

  • ​New Brunswick (NB Province) New Policy for Studying Abroad and Immigration
  • Four colleges, 19 majors
  • No need for an employer to work, immigrate after graduation!
  • The four colleges have limited places
  • Ten thousand people’s attention, the degree is tight, start grabbing now!

New Brunswick (New Brunswick) is located on the Atlantic coast, bordering Maine in the United States and Quebec in Canada, and is the largest of the four maritime provinces. To supplement the local workforce and stimulate economic development. Nova Scotia launched this brand-new study abroad immigration project in August 2021 to help NB province retain more international students, especially those with skilled labor, so that they can obtain Canadian permanent residence.

The new pilot project in NB Province stipulates that students who have graduated from 19 majors formulated by four private vocational colleges can apply for permanent residence from April 2022. They do not need a work visa or employer guarantee. They can immigrate as long as they graduate. Nova Scotia is also offering additional benefits that will allow graduates to work and live in the province while they wait for permanent residency.

Pilot Project·Core Advantages

  • You can immigrate after graduation without a job offer

Tens of thousands of people looting for the degree

No need for employer to work, no complicated process

Immigrate after graduation

  • Three Backup Plans, Green Card Safety Net

Pilot project unstable?

It is necessary not only to grab the quota, but also to be a safety net!

  • One green card, the whole family could immigrate.

One green card, the whole family could immigrate.

Enjoying welfare, immigrants benefit greatly

​Children’s public education, spouse’s free work permit

  • ​Vocational college, good for employment

Nineteen specialties point to underemployed occupations in the market. Vocational technical college, pragmatic rather than unrealistic, focusing on employability

  • Phased fees, ​reducing risk

Every time a stage goal is achieved, a stage fee will be charged to reduce risks and burdens​

Program Application Requirements

1. Applicants must be enrolled in four designated vocational colleges in Nova Scotia:

Atlantic Business College, Eastern College, McKenzie College, Oulton College

2. Must be enrolled in the following 19 designated vocational disciplines:
  • social and community service workers;
  • Early childhood educators and assistants;
  • educational assistant;
  • health assistant;
  • family support workers;
  • Licensed Practical Nurse;
  • Paramedics and related occupations;
  • medical laboratory technician;
  • medical laboratory technicians and pathologist assistants;
  • medical administrative assistant;
  • computer programmers and interactive media developers;
  • web designers and developers;
  • computer network technicians;
  • user support technicians;
  • accounting technicians and bookkeepers;
  • payroll clerk;
  • shipper and consignee;
  • supply chain and logistics executives;
  • Production Logistics Coordinator
3. Meet the English entry requirements for the corresponding majors of the four colleges

IELTS score of 5-7, which meets the basic requirements for admission to specific majors, and can successfully complete their studies.

4. No history of visa refusal

Applicants need to have a good visa record with no history of visa refusal and no record of overstaying in Canada.

Program Handling Procedure

Step 01 Immediately grab the quota, lock the tight degree, licensed consultants review the applicant’s qualifications, and formulate a plan

The licensed consultant of Yurun Immigration Canada and the person in charge of studying abroad will choose the appropriate school and major based on the applicant’s education background, work experience and background. The professional study abroad application team will grab the limited degrees for the applicants at full speed, and lock the opportunities of the New Deal as soon as possible.

  • ​Duration: about 3 months
  • English proficiency: temporarily not required
  • Phase fee: $6000
  • Customer Location: China
  • Core Goals: ​Competing for a degree, making long-term plans
Step 02 Complete your studies, apply for NBPNP provincial nomination, and prepare various immigration materials

Yurun Immigration Canada Licensed Consultant will handle the visa application required by the applicant at each stage and prepare the documents required for going to Canada. When the documents such as the study permit are ready, the applicant will fly to Canada to enter the country and complete their studies in the designated colleges to meet the requirements of the New Deal project. After graduation, the applicant will apply for immigration through the NBPNP channel.

  • Duration: 6 months
  • English proficiency: temporarily not required
  • Phase fee: $10000
  • Customer Location: China
  • Core objectives: ​Pre-immigrant visas required for processing
Step 03 Handle family immigration application

We will assist the applicant to submit the family’s long-term return visa and the spouse’s green card application. At the same time, applicants who need to sponsor their parents to obtain tourists can apply for parental reunion immigration.

  • Duration: 1 year
  • English score: Submit after working for one year
  • Phase fee: $9000
  • Customer Location: Canada
  • Core objectives: ​Cumulative working hours, meeting immigration requirements, submitting immigration applications

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