Non-English speaking elder couple was approved Canada work permit successfully

Congratulations to the two elder clients of Yurun Immigration, for approval of a closed work permit and an open spouse work permit in Canada through LMIA.

This elder applicant does not speak English and is over 45 years old. It seems that it is difficult to realize the dream of settling in Canada, but through Yurun Immigration’s strong local employer resource network, he successfully found a suitable job. We successfully persuaded the immigration officer through the 100% secret application documents, proving that the applicant has key value to the Canadian labor market. The application was submitted on August 7 this year, and it took only 4 months to get the visa. On the surface, the journey went smoothly without any disturbances; behind it was our tremendous efforts in paperwork, personal documents, and employer cooperation.

We also applied for a spouse’s open work permit for the applicant, which was also successfully obtained after four months of submission. Old Ji Fuzheng, with a long-term ambition, the two applied to start a new stage of entrepreneurial journey in Canada and realize the second curve of life.

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