NSW Immigration Program Labour Market Priority Category

  • Receive an invitation of interest from the NSNP in the EE system, which requires the applicant to:
    • Have a valid EE account;
    • meet the specific requirements of the NS Labour Market Priority Category, and;
    • In the EE system, select NS province as the immigration destination;
  • Based on the needs of the labor market, the criteria for each screening will vary, and applicants must meet specific criteria for each screening;
  • Meet the minimum work experience requirements for entry into the EE system;
  • Legal status in the current country of residence;
  • Prove sufficient funds to settle in NS and pay immigration and travel expenses.

NSNP Labour Market Priority Category Application Process

  1. Create an EE account and get an EE file number;
  2. Obtain the NSOI Invitation of Intent in the EE online system;
  3. Submit an application for the NS Labour Market Priority Category through the Nova Scotia online system within 30 days of receiving the Invitation of Intent;
  4. Obtain a new provincial nomination letter in the EE system, and the applicant needs to accept the nomination within 30 days;
  5. After accepting the NS provincial nomination, IRCC issues an invitation to apply for a PR visa;
  6. The applicant submits a PR visa application to IRCC;
  7. Approved to sign.

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