Ontario, Canada re-launched the investment immigration project, planning to absorb 100 investment immigrants in the next two years!

Ontario recently announced a new immigration project, which will receive 100 new immigrants from overseas entrepreneurs in the next two years. The program allows foreign investors to apply for economic investment immigration to settle in Ontario after investing at least US$200,000 in Ontario.

Ontario Labor Minister Monte McNaughton said the Ontario government plans to attract international entrepreneurs to invest and start businesses in Ontario communities outside the Greater Toronto Area. Investors can choose to open a new business or buy an existing business in Ontario, which will then be processed under the province’s economic immigration program. Did you know?

In fact, investment immigration to Canada does not necessarily require a huge capital of 200,000 US dollars. At present, Canada also has a “investment small business immigration” program, which is very popular with Indian customers. If you have experience in running a flower shop, grocery store, or bakery, you can completely immigrate by acquiring a small local store in Canada. On the one hand, you have the opportunity to bring positive cash flow from the operation, and you can also resell the small business after immigration. Receive immigration nominations. Entrepreneur investment helps to promote Ontario’s economic development and create more job opportunities.

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