Ontario employer sponsorship

Ontario Employer Guarantees Provincial Nomination No Language Requirements Three-year family immigration to Canada

The number of places is tight, and the opportunity cannot be missed. The signing deadline is October 31.

Since its operation in 2014, Yurun Immigration has helped more than 1,000 clients immigrate to Canada. It is a federally licensed (No. R511136) immigration legal consulting service company and a registered member of the Canadian Immigration Consultants Professional Association (No. R15166). The price of Yurun’s immigration project has been verified by market comparison, and it is a very competitive price on the market. We provide professional and attentive service. Let you realize your dream of Canada with low cost, high timeliness, and low risk.

Provincial Nomination Employer Guarantee is an immigration project established by various provincial governments to attract international students and overseas employees who have been hired by enterprises in this province.

Employers retain foreign technical and management talents through recruitment, and applicants who have been nominated by the province can apply for immigration. Different provinces in Canada have different provincial nomination requirements, and the pits and highlights are also different. The conditions given on the official website are the basic standards. To control the details, you need to find an immigration company with practical experience to ensure smooth immigration.

Program Core Advantages

  • Wide range of ages: no age requirement for applicants, as long as they are qualified for the job
  • No academic requirements: Applicants only need high school grades to submit immigration applications
  • One person applies for family immigration: one person gets a green card, and the whole family immigrates; enjoys benefits, and the income of immigrants is high
  • No IELTS score required: Canada’s only immigration program that does not require language scores
  • Staged charges: every time a stage goal is achieved, a stage fee will be charged to reduce risks and burdens

Program Application Requirements

1. Sign a contract with an employer qualified for immigration sponsorship

Applicants are matched with qualified employers based on their work history and background.

In order to adapt to the Ontario immigration policy after the change to the lottery admission, we will match the applicant to a large-scale employer outside the GTA, the employer needs to have an annual income of at least 1 million Canadian dollars and at least 5 full-time Canadian employees.。

2. Applicants must have a college degree or above

Applicants need to have a college degree or above and be competent for the job.

3. The applicant has two years or more relevant work experience

Applicants need to have work experience and skills certification for the corresponding position. Work experience depends on the needs of the matching employer.

Program Handling Procedure

Step 01 In-depth consultation and assessment of the applicant’s conditions to match qualified employers

​The licensed consultant of Yurun Immigration Canada will conduct a detailed review of the applicant’s personal qualifications and visa records to confirm that the applicant has sufficient immigration application conditions and the project has a premise of success rate. We will not be sales-oriented to handle projects for customers, and we will decline service to applicants with low success rate and high risk. ​We will match applicants with multiple employers for job interviews based on their personal qualifications and work experience, and employers and applicants will make two-way selections. ​When the two parties reach an agreement on the work, sign the work contract and confirm the job in Canada.

  • Duration: about 3 months
  • English proficiency: temporarily not required
  • Phase fee: $5,000
  • Customer Location: China
  • Core objectives: determine success rate, anchor work

Step 02 Apply for Ontario Provincial Nomination Qualification

Yurun Immigration Canada licensed consultants will handle the visa applications required for applicants at all stages and prepare the documents needed to travel to Canada. And after the guest meets the requirements for the Ontario Provincial Nomination Eligibility, apply for the Ontario Provincial Nomination.

  • Length: about 1 year
  • English proficiency: temporarily not required
  • Phase fee: $30000
  • Customer Location: China
  • Core goal: Pre-visa required for immigration processing

Step 03 After receiving the provincial nomination, apply for the family maple leaf card at the federal stage

After obtaining the provincial nomination qualification, we will process the application for the federal stage for the applicant, and finally obtain the Canadian permanent residence status. We will then process immigration for the family of the main applicant.

  • Duration: 1 year
  • English score: Submit after working for one year
  • Phase fee: $50,000
  • Customer location: Canada – Ontario
  • Core goal: to complete the immigration application of the main applicant and his family

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