Ontario Provincial Nominee Program Employer Sponsored Foreign Worker Category

This category is for foreign worker applicants who hold a job offer from an Ontario employer.

Application Requirements

  • • Hold a long-term full-time job offer provided by an Ontario employer, the occupation category is NOC 0, A or B, and the salary level meets the industry median standard in the region. If the applicant is working for the employer in this position, the job offer The salary must be equal to or higher than the current salary level, and the offered position is urgently needed by the employer;
  • In the 5 years before submitting the application, have been engaged in the same NOC occupation as in the job offer for a total of 2 years;
  • If the occupation is a regulated occupation, relevant compulsory certification shall be provided;
  • A desire to live in Ontario;
  • If you currently live in Canada, you need to hold a legal status (such as a study permit, work permit, visit permit, etc.), but you are not required to live outside Canada;
  • Submit an Ontario EOI and receive an invitation to apply.

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