Ontario Provincial Nominee Program Master Graduate Category

This category is for graduates with a master’s degree in Ontario who can apply without a job offer.

Application Requirements

  • Submit an Ontario EOI and receive an invitation to apply;
  • Earn a master’s degree through at least one academic year of full-time study at an eligible Ontario educational institution;
  • English or French proficiency at least CLB7;
  • Prove that you have lived in Ontario for at least 1 cumulative year in the 2 years prior to submitting your application;
  • Meet the financial requirements to settle in Ontario;
  • Intention to live and work in Ontario;
  • When submitting the application, you must legally reside in Ontario or outside Canada with a study permit, work permit, visit permit, etc., but not in other parts of Canada outside Ontario;
  • Applications must be submitted within 2 years of obtaining the master’s degree.

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