popular science! What are the important procedures after successful Canadian immigration?

Dear friends, after several years of hard work, I finally got the Canadian permanent resident status~ So, what are the tasks that need to be dealt with quickly after getting the status? What benefits can I apply for? But don’t miss it~

1⃣️Reply to the PR Portal email, log in to the PR Portal to fill in the online immigration login, obtain the eCoPR, and print the eCoPR signature for future use.

These are important steps to complete the registration of permanent resident status. After completing these steps, you will be a real “permanent resident” in Canada.

2⃣️Apply for the Canadian Maple Leaf Card!

After completing the eCopR login, you must remember to log in to your Canadian government official website visa application system, and find “Link an existing application to this account” on the homepage of the personal application system to apply for a PR card.

3⃣️Update the SIN card (social security number) and update the health card.

The SIN card applied for during the student era or the work visa era usually starts with 9 and is a temporary social security number. After getting the PR, you need to update the number. Similarly, you also need to go to the Service Center to update your health card. At present, Canada has canceled the waiting period for health card applications. As long as there is an employment certificate from the employer, you can apply for a health card immediately. However, the validity period of the health card can only last until the validity date of the work permit, and it needs to be renewed after obtaining the PR status.

4⃣️Notify the employer and the bank to update your legal status.

Employers and banks will pay various social insurances for you based on your new SIN social security status, and banks also need your new personal information for tax registration.

5⃣️Update the personal information of the Canada Revenue Agency CRA account.

In addition to updating the personal information of the online account, it is recommended that you find a professional accountant when you file your next tax return to make overall arrangements for whether you have missed applications for benefits or tax refunds.

6⃣️The most important thing is tax refund for overseas buyers!

Dear friends who bought a house in the Golden Horseshoe region of Ontario, 15% of the tax for overseas buyers must be refunded. This operation is more complicated, involves a huge amount of money, and needs to be refunded in several steps, and the application must be delivered to the provincial government within 90 days of the landing date. For detailed steps, it is recommended to find a more reliable lawyer.

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