Post-graduation work permit application

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Project Description

After studying in an institution eligible for a graduate work permit for 8 months to 2 years (less than 2 years), the validity period of the Canadian graduate work permit is the same as the duration of the course; if the student completes a course of 2 years or more, the applicant can Obtain a 3-year valid graduation work permit.

The schools that are generally eligible to apply for a graduate work permit are:

  • Canadian public postsecondary institutions (universities and colleges)
  • Designated private and training schools in Quebec
  • Very few private schools are suitable for applying for graduation work permits

application materials

Materials required for application:

  1. Complete the INFO form
  2. Scanned copies of all pages of the passport
  3. Experience Proof Report
  4. 1 recent digital photo
  5. Bank deposit certificate
  6. Transcript, letter from institution of study, official graduation letter
  7. IMM5476 client form (scan after filling out)​
Handling process
  1. Fill in the form and submit the document
  2. Pay for services
  3. Submit required materials
  4. Contact online customer service
  5. Successfully obtained a visa

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