Preferential family immigration

As low as RMB 200,000*
Family immigration to Canada in three years
Limited places, limited time special offer
Signing deadline November 31

Since its operation in 2014, Yurun Immigration has helped more than 1,000 clients immigrate to Canada. It is a federally licensed (No. R511136) immigration legal consulting service company and a registered member of the Canadian Immigration Consultants Professional Association (No. R15166). The price of Yurun’s immigration project has been verified by market comparison, and it is a very competitive price on the market. We provide professional and attentive service. Let you realize your dream of Canada with low cost, high timeliness, and low risk.

The immigration projects operated by Yurun cover a wide range of projects. Based on the actual situation of the customers, we select the appropriate projects neutrally and objectively to ensure the efficiency and success rate of case execution. Do not blindly recommend popular projects or immature news projects based on sales orientation; keep abreast of new trends and policies of the Canadian Immigration Service and the immigration departments of various provinces in real time.

Regardless of the size of the case, we will be responsible throughout, just for your successful migration! Contact Yurun Assistant immediately to start your Canadian immigration journey.

Program Core Advantages

  • Wide age coverage: 35 years old, 40 years old, 45 years old, as long as you have a clear immigration goal and are qualified for work, you can apply
  • Wide range of academic qualifications: don’t stick to academic qualifications, just look at ability. Can be qualified for work to complete immigration
  • One person applies for family immigration: one person gets a green card, and the whole family immigrates. Enjoying welfare, immigrants benefit greatly
  • Low language requirements: * Submit IELTS after two years, only need to meet basic daily communication, IELTS scores can be submitted two years after application
  • Staged charges: every time a stage goal is achieved, a stage fee will be charged to reduce risks and burdens

Program Application Requirements

1. IELTS G class 4 points

​(Can be submitted two years after the start of the program)

Applicants need to prove to the Canadian government that their English ability can meet basic communication and be competent for job communication.

The IELTS score does not need to be submitted immediately, but is submitted at the end of the third phase of the project, when the applicant has accumulated one year of working experience in Canada and submits the immigration application.

2. More than one year relevant work experience

Applicants need to have work experience and skills certification for the corresponding position. Work experience depends on the needs of the matching employer.

3. Sign a two-year work contract with the employer

Sign a two-year work contract with an employer without worrying about unemployment. The work is completely legal, the wages are paid according to the normal salary of the local type of work, and various taxes are paid.

4. No history of visa refusal

Applicants need to have a good visa record with no history of visa refusal and no record of overstaying in Canada.

Program Handling Procedure

Step 01. According to the job requirements of the employer, the licensed consultant will review the qualifications of the applicant in detail and comprehensively to ensure the success rate of the project

The licensed consultant of Yurun Immigration Canada will conduct a detailed review of the applicant’s personal qualifications and visa records to confirm that the applicant has sufficient immigration application conditions and the project has a premise of success rate. We will not be sales-oriented to handle projects for customers, and we will decline service to applicants with low success rate and high risk. ​

Based on the applicant’s personal qualifications and work experience, we will arrange two-way selection between the employer and the applicant after passing the preliminary review.

  • ​Duration: about 3 months
  • English proficiency: temporarily not required
  • Phase fee: $5000
  • Customer Location: China
  • Core objectives: ​Data review to determine the success rate
Step 02 Apply for LMIA and work visa, prepare various immigration materials

Yurun Immigration Canada Licensed Consultant will handle the visa application required by the applicant at each stage and prepare the documents required for going to Canada. And conduct the Canadian Immigration Service’s impact assessment on the applicant’s labor market. When everything is ready, the applicant will fly to Canada for entry.

  • ​Duration: 6 months
  • English proficiency: temporarily not required
  • Phase fee: $6000
  • Customer Location: China
  • Core objectives: ​Pre-immigrant visas required for immigration
Step 03 After working for one year, apply for family immigration

Applicants need to accumulate one year of Canadian work experience in Canada to meet immigration requirements. We assist applicants to submit immigration applications. At this stage, applicants need to submit IELTS scores.

  • ​Duration: 1 year
  • English score: Submit after working for one year
  • Phase fee: $5000
  • Customer Location: Canada
  • Core objectives: ​Cumulative working hours, meeting immigration requirements, submitting immigration applications

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