Provincial Nominee Employer Nomination – PNP

Project Description

The Provincial Nominee Employer Sponsorship is an immigration program built by the provincial governments to attract international students and overseas employees who have been hired by the province’s enterprises.

Employers recruit and retain foreign technical and management talents, and applicants who have been nominated by the province can apply for immigration. Different provinces in Canada have different requirements for provincial nomination, and the pitfalls and highlights are also different. The conditions given on the official website are the minimum standards. To control the details, it is necessary to find an immigration company with practical experience to ensure smooth immigration.

Program Highlights

No need to score , as long as you meet the project requirements, you can get the immigration quota

  • Relaxed age requirement
  • IELTS requirements are far lower than the express track
  • Low academic requirements
  • Employers cover a wide range of occupations
  • No asset and asset source requirements
  • Can quickly get a Canadian work visa

Applicable Applicant

  • Applicants with poor English foundation
  • Overseas older applicants
  • Applicants for children with urgent educational needs
  • International students who graduated from a two-year college (Diploma) in Canada, and those whose scores in the EE pool do not exceed 350 points
  • For those who have had a history of visa refusal, this may be your few reliable options

Application Requirements

  • IELTS 5 points, high school education or above (Note: Applicants without IELTS scores, please make an appointment with an immigration consultant for details.)
  • Employers provide NOC O, A, B permanent full-time job offers
  • The applicant has at least 1 year of relevant work experience in the past five years
  • Generally, the applicant is required to apply after working in the employer’s province for a period of time

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