Quebec investment immigration

In the Quebec investment immigration program in Canada, the investment immigrant’s obligation is limited to making an investment, and there is no obligation to start a business or engage in business in Quebec; the investment is invested after the interview is passed, and it is guaranteed by the Canadian government. The amount of investment is in Full return after 5 years can be said to be a business immigration category without any risk.

The applicant signs and agrees to prepare the application materials to the government. After the government’s approval is passed, the applicant makes the required amount of investment, receives the provincial nomination certificate of Quebec after the investment, and then uses the provincial nomination certificate to apply for the whole family’s federal immigration.

Project Description
Program Highlights

No education, language, age restrictions

  • Immigrate if you meet the investment conditions

No need to submit a business plan

  • The government endorses the applicant’s investment, and the funds are safe and reliable

Transparent fees, safe handling throughout the process

  • The full fee consists of three parts:

First: 10,000 Canadian dollars for material approval fees + 2,000 Canadian dollars for certified translation fees, which are immigration service fees;

Second: government fees, medical examination fees and other third-party fees can be inquired on the official website of the government;

Third: investment costs, investment is required after the government has passed the inspection.

Applicable Applicant
  • Applicants with strong capital and clear sources
  • Overseas applicants without language or education


Application Requirements

Personal Requirements:

  • At least 18 years old, meet the basic asset requirements, assets include bank deposits, stocks and bonds, real estate, personal assets in the enterprise, gifts or inheritance Business experience:

Business experience:

  • The applicant has 2 years or more of business management experience in the past 5 years from the date of application, not limited to full-time or part-time, not limited to corporate profit or non-profit Investment Agreement:

Investment agreement:

  • The applicant needs to make a financing loan from a financial institution recognized by the Canadian government, and the applicant can make a one-time payment of five-year financing loan interest.

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