Refusal to overturn immigration

Study visa/work permit refused?
Licensed immigration consultants help you turn the tide!

Since its operation in 2014, Yurun Immigration has helped more than 1,000 clients immigrate to Canada. It is a federally licensed (No. R511136) immigration legal consulting service company and a registered member of the Canadian Immigration Consultants Professional Association (No. R15166). The price of Yurun’s immigration project has been verified by market comparison, and it is a very competitive price on the market. We provide professional and attentive service. Let you realize your dream of Canada with low cost, high timeliness, and low risk.

The immigration projects operated by Yurun cover a wide range of projects. Based on the actual situation of the customers, we select the appropriate projects neutrally and objectively to ensure the efficiency and success rate of case execution. Do not blindly recommend popular projects or immature news projects based on sales orientation; keep abreast of new trends and policies of the Canadian Immigration Service and the immigration departments of various provinces in real time.

Regardless of the size of the case, we will be responsible throughout, just for your successful migration! Contact Yurun Assistant immediately to start your Canadian immigration journey.

Program Core Advantages

Canadian licensed consultant: Canadian local licensed consultant, familiar with the internal information of the Canadian Immigration Service, 7 years of experience in dealing with various difficult problems and refusal cases, with a high success rate

Tailor-made turnaround immigration path: first explain the truth, and then sign the contract. Experienced Canadian immigration consultants analyze the loopholes and operational space of past visas for you, and win from subtle reversals.

Abundant resources and various plans: rich resources and various plans to choose from. The consultant is familiar with all kinds of immigrant visa rules and channels, sniffing the visa wind direction for you, and avoiding the unspoken rules that lead to visa refusal.

Processing steps

1. Before signing the contract, help the customer to adjust the file and deeply analyze the reasons for the refusal

Most of the clients who apply for short-term temporary visas are mostly student visas. They are suspected of immigrant tendencies, which lead to visa refusals one after another. The licensed consultant retrieves the applicant’s foreign application files through the channel of the Immigration Bureau to understand the core reasons for the rejection of the visa.

2. On the basis of fully understanding the customer’s background, tailor-made a comeback immigration plan

The licensed immigration consultant reorganizes and sorts out the submitted materials according to the applicant’s self-report and file transfer content, and customizes a turnaround plan based on the concerns of the immigration officer.

3. After signing the contract, assist the customer to handle the immigration procedures under the new path

The licensed immigration consultant clarifies the list of application materials for the new program to the applicant, and checks and submits the application materials.

4. Follow up the whole process until the immigration sign

Follow up the progress of application review, and deal with various supplementary materials and explanations in the application.

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