Restoration of identity, replacement of lost visa

Processing fee $270 CAD

​Project Introduction

In Canada, visa expiration means loss of identity.

There are no serious consequences if the small visa expires (if you need to enter and exit Canada, it is recommended to give priority to renewing the small visa).

Within 90 days of losing your status, you can still apply to restore your status, but applicants cannot work or study while waiting for your status to be restored.

application materials

Materials required for application:

  1. Complete the INFO form
  2. Scanned copies of all pages of the passport
  3. Overdue and Lost Letters of Explanation
  4. 1 recent digital photo
  5. Bank deposit certificate
  6. IMM5476 Principal Form (signature and scan after filling)
  7. Provide corresponding overdue certificate and letter of length of stay


Handling process
  1. Fill in the form and submit the document
  2. Pay for services
  3. Submit required materials
  4. Contact online customer service
  5. Successfully obtained a visa

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