Return visa application (TRV)

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Project Description

The official name of the small visa is Temporary Resident Visa (TRV)

The big visa (Permit) determines the duration of your stay in Canada, and the small visa (Visa) determines whether you can enter Canada. A major prerequisite for Canadian small visa renewal is that the applicant must have a legal large visa, that is, a study permit (Study Permit) or a work permit (Work Permit) within the validity period.

Under normal circumstances, for international students, the validity period of the major visa and the minor visa are the same (of course, there will also be situations where the validity period of the same type of minor visa exceeds the major visa), so the renewal of the major visa and the minor visa needs to be carried out at the same time. It is worth mentioning that when you return to Canada from other countries, the small visa is not within the validity period, you will definitely be stopped at the airport and cannot board the plane, so you must check the validity period of the small visa before leaving Canada to avoid possible future problems trouble.

application materials

Materials required for application:

  1. Complete the INFO form
  2. Scanned copies of all pages of the passport
  3. Recent official school transcripts
  4. 1 recent digital photo
  5. Scanned copy of existing study permit
  6. Bank deposit certificate
  7. IMM5476 Principal Form (signature and scan after filling)
  8. school attendance certificate
  9. Scanned page of school acceptance letter
  10. Tuition payment proof scanned document
Handling process
  1. Fill in the form and submit the document
  2. Pay for services
  3. Submit required materials
  4. Contact online customer service
  5. Successfully obtained a visa

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