Saskatchewan Nominee Program Application Procedure

  1. Create an account in the IRCC EE system, once the applicant is accepted into the candidate pool, you will receive an EE account number (Express Entry profile Number) and a Job Seeker Validation Code (Job Seeker Validation Code); (applicable to EE category only)
  2. Prepare all required documents and complete all provincial nomination and federally required forms;
  3. Check and organize all completed forms and supporting documents to ensure the integrity of the application materials;
  4. Apply on SINP Apply Online: If the applicant receives an Invitation to Apply (ITA) as an EOI candidate, he needs to log in with the same EOI account; if he applies under the sponsorship of an employer, he needs to create an account;
  5. Complete the filling in each part, scan and upload all completed forms and required documents in PDF format, and keep the originals;
  6. Save, pay the application fee (only for skilled immigration EE and OID categories), and submit the application;
  7. After the SINP receives the applicant’s complete application, the applicant’s situation will be reviewed according to the eligibility criteria;
  8. Once the SINP receives the applicant’s application, it will send a letter of acceptance by email. Note that the application number will not change, and the applicant can use this application number for document submission or query operations during the review process;
  9. If the SINP has questions about missing documents and/or the outcome of the hearing, the applicant will be contacted by email;
  10. If the applicant does not pass the provincial nomination, he can re-submit the application after his own situation changes and meets the conditions; if the applicant passes the provincial nomination, he will enter the federal stage to apply for a permanent residence visa;
  11. The SINP will enter the details of the applicant’s nomination in the EE system, and IRCC will ask the applicant to confirm the acceptance of the SINP’s nomination. The applicant has 30 days to accept the nomination in the EE system; after accepting the SINP nomination, IRCC will invite the applicant To apply for a permanent residence visa, the applicant must submit the application within 60 days; IRCC will send the applicant a medical examination guide, which may require the applicant to supplement materials or conduct an interview; if the applicant meets the requirements, IRCC will send the applicant and 12. Submit an application to IRCC according to the guidelines mailed with the SINP nomination letter, and all permanent residence visa applications will be sent to the Sydney processing center in Nova Scotia for processing , and then the Canadian Visa Office will send the applicant a medical examination guide. The applicant will undergo a medical examination as required. In some cases, supplementary materials or an interview may be required; if the applicant meets all the requirements, IRCC will give the applicant and his accompanying Family members issue permanent residence visa (applicable to skilled immigration OID category, employer sponsorship category and experience category)

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