Self-employed/business migrants

Project Description

Self-employed immigration means that after immigrating to Canada, the applicant has sufficient ability to employ himself without working for others.

According to Canada’s “Immigration Act”, self-employed immigrants must establish or purchase a business in Canada so that they can be employed and can contribute to Canada’s economic or cultural fields.

Applicable to federal Express Entry projects, or provincial nominee projects.

Program Highlights

The application period is short and the conditions are simple

  • Use the company you founded or invested to issue the corresponding immigration procedures for yourself. The process of starting a business is familiar with the Canadian social and business environment to the greatest extent.

No need to spend too much money and create jobs for others

  • A successful project not only saves the immigrants’ money, but also makes a small profit.

Applicable Applicant

  • International students who graduated in Canada have entrepreneurial intentions, business minds, and are unwilling to work for others.

Application Requirements

  • ​English IELTS score of 5 and above
  • Have legal status in Canada
  • living in Canada

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